Blue Veldt Geological is a professional consulting and evaluation service for companies, miners and prospectors based in Western Australia.

We value honesty, integrity and hard work. These principles underpin Blue Veldt and its success.

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Blue Veldt Geological offers specialist services to prospectors and companies in the Western Australian Exploration and Mining Industry for a broad range of commodities and project types.

The co-owner and principal, Steve Warriner has over 25 years of experience and a highly successful career working exclusively in WA as a prospector, miner and geologist. He has been involved in a variety of senior roles in both mining and exploration, working on small prospects through to multi-million tonne operations. He brings a deep understanding of West Australian geology combined with a practical and innovative approach to finding and developing mineral deposits.

Steve is experienced in all geological aspects of surface and underground mining including safety, mentoring, geotechnical mapping, geological modelling, grade control, environmental compliance, mine planning, advice/insights on extraction and metallurgy and resources-reserve calculation and reporting to JORC standards. He is a current member of the Australian Institute of Geoscience and is able to act as a Responsible Person for reporting purposes (both precious and base metals).

BVG will provide a blend of science and practical experience to realise the best from your ground.

  • Tenement mapping and assessment
  • Annual technical reporting and geological reviews
  • PoW submission and expenditure reporting
  • Historical data research, collation and analysis
  • 3D integration of geological, geophysical, geochemical and drill data
  • Geological and structural interpretation, target prioritisation and project recommendations
  • Tenement and project evaluations (small or large)
  • Exploration and mine geology planning / supervision, including deep directional drilling grade control
  • Geological modelling, resource estimation and reconciliation

Blue Veldt Geological

Blue Veldt Geological

Blue Veldt Geological

Blue Veldt Geological

Snapshots of Recent Work

3D Regional mapping to produce a digital geological model tied in to historical drilling, Laverton WABlue Veldt Geological

Designed and supervised a 70,000m multi-rig underground resource drill-out to meet JORC standards, Laverton WABlue Veldt Geological

Structural and geological modelling and JORC resource estimation, Norseman WABlue Veldt Geological

Discovered, drilled and JORC resourced a copper-zinc deposit, Pilbara WABlue Veldt Geological

Historical data search, digital compilation and project evaluation / planning for a gold prospector, Marvel Loch WABlue Veldt Geological

Peer review resource estimate, designed decline and vent/escape infrastructure for a small mine, Kookynie WABlue Veldt Geological

Evaluated +1Moz gold system and developed a structural model to aid discovery of additional resources, Leonora WABlue Veldt Geological

First indications of a new nickel discovery through re-evaluating and correcting the geological interpretation, Hyden WABlue Veldt Geological

Led several research and development projects on new drilling technology and metallurgical product upgrade methodsBlue Veldt Geological

Provided geological due-diligence for many project acquisitions from small mines to multi-billion dollar operations across WABlue Veldt Geological

On fire watch whilst conducting exploration drilling, Leinster WABlue Veldt Geological